NThe proliferation of cloud applications, hybrid/remote work, and frontline enablement initiatives are continually redefining security boundaries for enterprises today. Rather than manage a small number of devices on a corporate perimeter and protecting network access with VPNs, IT teams are now faced with a much more complex task: managing both home and corporate networks, cloud apps, and numerous devices.

Our Zero Trust Security Journey eBook addresses this pressing issue by providing a detailed guide to implementing a Zero Trust security model - a proactive approach that assumes no device should be trusted and that verification is required from everyone trying to access resources in your network. Download this free eBook to learn about the key principles, strategies, and expert tips that will help you prevent risk and protect your data as you accelerate on your Zero Trust journey.

Topics Covered:

  • 3 Keys to Moving Beyond “Castle and Moat” IT Security
  • 6 Pillars of Zero Trust
  • 3 Tips to Accelerate Your Zero Trust Journey
  • Our Approach to Zero Trust
  • Microsoft 365 Zero Trust Solutions

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