Data-driven assessments to obtain insights across infrastructure, applications and data.


Modernize your workplace, move to the cloud with confidence and maximize returns on your cloud investments.


Dedicated support from trusted and certified Microsoft cloud partner and solution assessment team.

Available Assessments

Thanks to our breadth of expertise across the Microsoft Cloud, Valorem Reply is well positioned to deliver the following assessments designed to accelerate your cloud journey.

Azure Migration

Workload & App Focused Architecture Design, Migration Plan & Cost Estimates

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Modern Work

Reduce and optimize IT costs

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Azure Foundations

Identify Azure-Ready Workloads and Estimate Consumption Costs

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Data Platform in 30 Days

Modern Data Platform Modeling & Landing Zone Deployment with ADS

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Security Value

Identify Vulnerabilities and Risks in Your Environment

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Application Modernization

Rationalize Your App Estate & Map Migration Strategies

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Understand the financial benefits of Microsoft products and plan your modernization roadmap.

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