Security Assessment

Improve your overall security posture and identify vulnerabilities.

Designed for customers who are looking to improve their identity management and secure cloud infrastructure.

Valorem Reply’s Security Assessment offers a data-driven analysis of your organization's security posture, evaluating vulnerabilities and identity risks with phased remediation recommendations. 

How it Starts:

  • Review hardware refresh for EOS.
  • Evaluate security risks due to identity control gaps.
  • Analysis of security gaps, vulnerabilities, and recommendations.
  • Evaluate the customer security posture with O365 Secure score analysis and Azure Secure score.
  • Align customer risk analysis based on applicable standards (Zero Trust Framework or applicable framework).

What to Expect:

  • Strategy & Planning Workshop
  • Microsoft 365 Secure Score and Azure Secure Score Evaluation
  • Identify asset vulnerabilities such as unmanaged devices, unsupported Desktop and Windows Server operating systems, aging hardware warranty support schedules and end user identity management policies and usage.
  • Review 3rd party solutions
  • Validate data
  • Deliver findings, recommendations and next steps. 

Schedule your Security Assessment today! Ask us about Microsoft’s Solution Assessment Funding Program and see if you’re eligible to receive this assessment at no cost to you.  

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