Security Compass Framework

Security at Cloud-Speed

A recent survey by Gartner found that 75% of organizations are pursuing security vendor consolidation in 2022, up from 29% in 2020. Increasingly dissatisfied with the operational inefficiencies and the lack of integration, Security is on its own transformational journey toward more highly automated, deeply integrated, and operationally efficient solutions, often at lower licensing costs.

Valorem Reply’s Security Compass Framework is a holistic approach to Security vendor consolidation and solution replacement planning, implementation, and execution. We help our customers implement the necessary technical, operational, and skilling changes all while staying in-budget and on time with minimal organizational disruption.

What to Expect:

Current Feature Level Deployment: 

  • Feature and functions deployed
  • Procedures and policies implemented
  • Skilling level

Security Architecture and Integration:

  • Current connectors and APIs
  • Current deployment blueprints
  • Technical dependencies 

Business and Contractual Realities:

  • License renewal dates
  • Special contractual requirements
  • Other business relationship considerations 

Change Readiness Assessment:

  • Operational and technical change experiences
  • Level of organizational dependencies
  • Perspectives on, and assessment of, potentially disruptive change
  • Change risk assessment based on technology replacement roadmap 

Detailed Replacement Roadmap:

  • Target features and functions
  • Procedure and policy changes
  • Skill level changes and training 

Security Solution Playbook:

  • Time-phased technology, process, and policy implementation steps
  • Identification of key timing dependencies
  • Embedded organizational communication and change management activities 

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