Security Compass Framework

Security at Cloud-Speed

Valorem Reply’s Security Compass Framework is a holistic approach to Security vendor consolidation and solution replacement planning, implementation, and execution. 

The journey to a fully integrated enterprise security system can pose significant challenges for organizations, demanding the review of policies, processes, and skills, potentially resulting in operational disruptions and increased costs. That is why we created the Security Compass Framework. With our framework, organizations have the choice of where to begin their security journeys in order to meet their unique needs and goals, receiving expert guidance every step of the way.

Choose Your Path:

      • Executive Briefing - Understand your current security posture and goals.
      • Strategic Evaluation - A data-driven analysis identifying security gaps and priorities.​
      • Security Playbook - A detailed roadmap to success in your areas of interest.​
      • Deployment - Expert-guided deployment of your security solutions – on time, in budget, and with minimal organizational disruption.

Focus Areas:

      • Secure Identities​
      • Threat Protection​
      • Information Protection​
      • AI Governance & Risk Management​
      • Compliance & Risk Management​
      • Azure Security

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