FinOps Accelerator

Optimize Your Azure Spend with Finance at the Speed of IT

The pay-as-you-go cloud cost model is helping organizations of all sizes increase efficiency and grow their business but with the pace of IT Innovation and accelerated democratization of AI and ML, those variable costs can become hard to manage. Clear visibility into your infrastructure and cloud service usage can help you strategically apply technology spending where your business needs it most to reduce wasteful expenditures and maximize return on your IT investments.

FinOps is an emerging practice for cloud financial management that allows cross-functional ownership and financial accountability for cloud usage across technology, financial and business teams. Valorem Reply’s FinOps Accelerator combines Azure Cost Management, Delta Lake, and PowerBI to deliver granular cost tracking to support cross-team collaboration.

Using our proprietary frameworks for ingesting, cleaning, tagging, storing and visualizing Azure usage data delivers:

  • Granular visibility into IT spend & cost allocation.
  • Easily identify underutilized services and improperly provisioned resources.
  • Comprehensive reporting and financial accountability for budget certainty and cost-conscious decisions.
  • Financial control with the pace of IT innovation.

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