Actionable Guidance to Solve Modern Security Challenges

As you modernize your business through cloud technology, it is important to recognize that your existing security programs may not be sufficient for protecting data that no longer resides on company owned equipment. A security assessment will help you determine your current cybersecurity posture and uncover any gaps that may put your organization at risk.

Valorem’s Cloud Security Assessment includes:

  • Actionable next steps to secure your environment
  • A detailed analysis of current business requirements and necessary enhancements
  • A comprehensive and prioritized list of security risks and the business impact they pose
  • Technology, process and procedure recommendations for on-going risk management
  • A roadmap of identified problems and corresponding solutions

Our security experts work alongside your IT team and key stakeholders to map proven cybersecurity framework to your IT and business objectives. The result is a strategic plan for securing your data in the cloud and a clear roadmap to drive your security program to its desired state.

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