Create high-quality third-person mixed reality photos and videos

We've all seen the amazing third-person captures of Microsoft HoloLens experiences, which Microsoft has demonstrated at their live events, and in their marketing videos. Now, you can create the same high-quality mixed reality captures using your own DSLR camera, Microsoft’s HoloLens device hardware, and Valorem’s Mixed Reality Observer (MiRO) capture solution.

With MiRO:
  • Create photo and video captures of your HoloLens app experiences to publish on your Windows Store page, web site, or other social media channels.
  • Share your HoloLens application experiences to a live audience or stream over the Internet
  • Extend your applications so others can participate in your mixed reality experiences without needing to wear HoloLens device hardware.
  • Capture mixed reality usability tests and application defects for sharing back to your designers and developers.

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Valorem's expert team of hardware and software professionals are standing by to build and configure your very own HoloLens capture rig from our offices in Seattle. We will carefully assemble and extensively test your capture rig to ensure it's working flawlessly, and then ship it back to you ready-to-use, in its own custom flight case