Private Dashboard in a Day Workshop

Make better decisions and provide strategic insight for your entire organization.

Accelerate your Power BI experience with Advanced Power BI Workshops. These workshops are four half day remote training sessions covering Advanced Power BI and DAX content as well as Q&A time. Receive a hands-on, expert guided tour of the latest BI tools and how to use them to create stunning visualizations and tell a story with your data.

  • Expert guided real-life simulations in a hands-on lab environment
  • Load, transform, and relate data to make rich visuals
  • Explore creative ways to visualize and consume your data

Pre-Workshop Meeting is also included to refine the topics desired to be covered in the workshops. A full list of possible topics will be provided and discussed during the Pre-Workshop Meeting. Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • Data Modeling consequences
  • Calculated columns vs Measures
  • DAX Standards & Guidance
  • Advanced Modeling Features (performance, Scale)
  • Development toolkits

Schedule the Advanced Power BI Workshops for your team and get on the road to digitally transformed data that gives you the valuable insight you need to make important business decisions.

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