Well-Architected Review

Architect Your Success in Azure

Valorem Reply's Well-Architected Review begins on the foundation of the Azure Well-Architected Framework. This is a complete and holistic review of your strategic Azure workloads through the lenses of reliability, cost optimization, operational excellence, security, and performance efficiency.

This engagement is designed to help business and technology executives understand how their Azure environment can be optimized across these core pillars to deliver the most secure, performant, cost effective, and future-ready platform possible. Our Solution Architects work with you to understand your future goals and objectives to make best-practice recommendations for achieving those goals. Our aim is to empower you with expert guidance and recommendations based on your business needs.

Framework Pillars:

  • Reliability - Quickly return the application to a fully functioning state after a failure occurs.
  • Cost Optimization - Accelerate your time to market while avoiding costly and unnecessary tools.
  • Operational Excellence - Automate deployments to be reliable and predictable to reduce the chance of human error.
  • Security - Protect against various threats, such as network intrusion and DDoS attacks.
  • Performance Efficiency - Scale your workloads to meet the demands of your users in an efficient manner.

Timeline (~4 Weeks):

  • Week 1 - Information gathering, Azure questionnaire workshops, and focus area alignment with executive team.
  • Week 2 - Full environment review and architecture inventory.
  • Week 3 - Halfway touchpoint with your team, environment scoring, and team skills matrix. 
  • Week 4 - Findings and recommendations presentation with your technical and leadership team. 

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