Understanding Generative AI risks and mitigation strategies

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Wednesday | October 11th, 2023
1:00 PM CDT
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Join Valorem Reply to learn about the unique security risks that AI poses and strategies to overcome them.

AI, particularly Generative AI, is here to stay. Leveraging AI-based solutions has the potential to drive successful business outcomes in key areas such as Security, Modern Work, PowerApps, and GitHub. But how do IT and security leaders begin to address the unique risks with AI-powered tools that are on a hyper-accelerated deployment path? In part one of this roundtable series, our expert panelists will focus on the critical risks and security & governance actions that organizations need to consider as they look to Generative AI technologies to enhance applications and other workloads.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the new and unique risks that AI poses to organizations.
  • How to look at these risks through the lens of traditional risk mitigation strategies.
  • How traditional risk management approaches will need to adapt to the unique nature of AI.

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Norm Barber

Business Unit Leader, Security at Valorem Reply

With over 30 years of technology and consulting experience, Norm helps organizations implement solutions related to Threat Protection, Identity and Access, Devices and Endpoints, Compliance and Privacy, and Cloud Security Engineering. As Valorem Reply's Security Practice leader, Norm delivers strategic security consulting and guidance for meeting regulatory requirements in the Cloud.



Liji Thomas

Manager, Data & AI at Valorem Reply

Liji is an accomplished technologist and leader with over 15 years of experience in building innovative digital experiences. She oversees the development of cutting-edge solutions that leverage data and artificial intelligence to drive business value. Her expertise spans a wide range of technologies, including AI, machine learning, natural language processing, and conversational AI.



Steve Lazzara

Security Solutions Consultant at Valorem Reply

Steve specializes in strategically addressing security concerns while tactically implementing robust data protection measures across a range of enterprises. His extensive IT experience spans over 20 years and includes working with top-tier organizations in diverse industries such as publishing, finance, manufacturing, and acquisition firms.



Scott Davis

Principle Solution Architect at Valorem Reply

Scott focuses on building and managing data science platforms and analytics teams as a strategic leader and senior data scientist. He is currently focused on strategic implementations for modern data platforms, reporting & analytics platforms, data science platform, and data governance solutions.



Chris Fox

CEO at Mighty Schools.

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