Valorem Reply’s holographic telepresence technology, HoloBeam, makes it possible to remotely communicate with your colleagues, partners and clients using 3D depth, motion, and full color volumetric video and a standard internet connection, from anywhere in the world, in real-time, and with no perceptible delay. Instantly transform any meeting into a unique, personal and engaging experience without incurring travel expenses or wasting precious time.

  • Real-time or On-demand Viewing

    HoloBeam is a versatile tool for training, client meetings, product demonstrations and team collaboration. You can pre-record your hologram for on-demand viewing within the HoloBeam workspace or live-stream to communicate in real-time regardless of geographic location. 2D or 3D viewing features allow those without access to a HoloLens device to have similar experiences. HoloBeam works with a normal internet connection and within firewalls so all of your team can join.


  • Shared 3D Applications

    Collaboration features allow team members to interact with 3D models within the HoloBeam workspace to render manipulations from all users in real-time. Teams separated by geographic barriers can now collaborate and get work done more efficiently with less downtime or opportunities for delay in communication. Expensive and difficult to transport physical models can be replaced with flexible digital replicas delivered anywhere your team members are.



Valorem Reply’s Research and Incubation (R&I) team released HoloBeam in 2016 and industry interest in this exciting new technology has been growing ever since. Now in its 4th iteration, HoloBeam is in early access alpha state with pilot deployments licensed to various customers around the world. There are also installations of the HoloBeam technology at the Microsoft Technology Center in Munich Germany and the flagship Microsoft Store in New York Store to help enterprise clients experience the power of HoloLens and envision use cases in day-to-day work scenarios.

  • HoloBeam Release

    “It’s somewhere between Skype and the hologram-based communication system Emperor Palpatine uses in The Empire Strikes Back.” – Digital Trends

    “The developers over at Valorem are taking digital communication to the next level with a new three-dimensional chat application for Microsoft’s HoloLens.” – On MSFT

    “Their system allows them to capture the likeness of a user using a stereoscopic camera and stream it over the internet as 3D point cloud data.” – MSPoweruser

  • Industry News & Events

    Valorem Reply’s 3rd iteration of HoloBeam was showcased at the 2018 annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to business leaders and pioneering thinkers from around the world.

    Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, demonstrated Valorem Reply's telepresence technology, HoloBeam, during Inspire 2018 to show the future of work.

    “Private companies are also making impressive progress with 3D volumetric conferencing using both VR and AR, notably, Valorem, whose system enables multiple participants in Europe, India, and North America to be volumetrically present in the users' physical office in real time.” – Forbes

  • HoloBeam in Microsoft Store

    “When we first started showcasing the HoloLens, we were limited by demos we could show, so we relied on web videos to show customers a quick look at the possibilities of the technology. One of our go to videos was the HoloBeam video because it was so unique and customers were stunned by the potential it has in the future. With a focus on MR and HoloLens at the beginning of this year we started selling HoloLens in store, I decided to reach out to Valorem to get the actual demo at our location to wow the customers and show the importance of holographic technology.” – Patrick Kretzler, Flagship Microsoft Store NYC


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As one of the first Microsoft Mixed Reality (MR) Agency Partners worldwide, we have a strong focus on the Mixed Reality platform developing for the Microsoft HoloLens since 2015. We are natural user interface, interaction design and user experience experts, who think in 3D and understand how to build immersive applications using natural human input such as touch, voice, gestures, gaze, as well as computer vision and tracking.

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  • “Today we’ve shown you our vision for the future of work and how we can leverage the power of AI and mixed reality to connect our physical and digital spaces. In this multi-sense multi-device world we can now create opportunities for anyone to collaborate in more immersive ways.” – Raanah Amjadi, Product Marketing Manager–Teams, Microsoft

  • “HoloBeam is a great example of using mixed reality and holograms to allow colleagues to work together in a fully interactive 3D experience.”
    Daniel Escapa, Principle Program Manager–Azure IoT Smart Buildings, Microsoft

HoloBeam Telepresence Technology

A meeting solution for the AR/VR era!

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