Employee Assist

A Personal AI-Powered Assistant for Every Employee

Valorem Reply's Employee Assist Solution is an AI-powered virtual assistant designed to improve the employee's work experience by providing quick and accurate responses to employee queries. 

For many companies, their employees are often slowed down by repetitive, mundane tasks. Having to frequently switch between different projects or applications in order to discover and access essential information is not time nor cost effective. With the Employee Assist Solution, organizations can take that weight off their employees' shoulders and build a more dynamic corporate culture, where employees are engaged, motivated, and fulfilled in their roles.


  • 2+ Weeks


  • Pre-Built Features - Rich text responses, Feedback Modules, Multimodal (text, tap, voice) 
  • Data sources - Custom Knowledgebase and SharePoint integration
  • AI Features - OpenAI/ChatGPT Integration, Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and Sentiment Analysis
  • Actionable Insights - Power BI Report for Bot Analytics and Conversational Intelligence
  • Ready to Deploy - AAD Authentication, Azure hosted, Microsoft Teams integrated

Advantages & Outcomes:

  • Reduced development cost and faster time to benefit by leveraging our custom solution accelerator
  • Intelligent and intuitive user experience from AI powered capabilities
  • Improved employee productivity from increased discoverability and accessibility of company resources 
  • Enhanced decision making and business agility from reporting analytics and insights

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