Developer Experience Compass

Upgrade Your Software Development Engine 

Today, IT leaders and developers encounter challenges such as long onboarding times, conflicting workstation settings, and maintaining secure, compliant, and up-to-date developer environments—all while ensuring developer agility.

Valorem Reply's Developer Experience Compass is designed to meet you at your current stage of developer experience maturity. We provide you with expert-led analyses of your end-to-end developer experience, empowering your developers to work more efficiently and find greater fulfillment in their roles. Choose between a variety of starting points: 

GitHub Copilot Masterclass ~ 1 Day – 1 Week 

  • OpenAI and GitHub Copilot Basics
  • Advanced techniques for efficiency & productivity
  • Getting started with GitHub Copilot 

Developer Experience Workshop ~ 1 – 2 Weeks 

  • Map Current Environment Setup
  • Discover Existing Procurement Process
  • Analyze Current Developer Environment Needs 

Developer Experience Implementation ~ 8 – 12 Weeks 

  • Microsoft Dev Box Implementation
  • AI-Generated Synthetic Test Data
  • DORA (DevOps Research Assessment) Metrics
  • Feature Flags and Ring Releases 

Developer Experience Optimization ~ 8 – 12 Weeks 

  • Improve Developer Adoption of Modern DevOps Tools and Processes
  • Anticipate Future DevOps Maturity and Disruption
  • Prepare for and Adapt to Economic Downturns
  • Advance DORA Metrics 

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