Starting on December 1st, 2020 the classic Dynamics 365 interface will no longer being available and all users will be forced to transition to the Unified Interface. This is a collection of Model Driven Power Apps that allows for a better, role based user experience so you can customize fields and data represented for unique roles.

The Unified Interface also enables the development of Dynamics forms that will resize to any screen form factor to ensure a consistent user interface regardless of device. Model Driven Power Apps also provides several form enrichment features and data interaction that were not previously available in Dynamics. Since the Unified Interface is built on the Power Platform using Power Apps it a low code solution that can potentially be supported by power users.

Engagement Features:

  • Complete system analysis
  • Solution for uncovered issues
  • Optimize Hub forms
  • Specific user roles
  • Business Process Flows
  • App settings
  • Unified Interface exclusive features
  • Complete testing and training

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