Customer Assist

Revolutionize Your Customers' Experience with an AI Virtual Assistant

Valorem Reply's Customer Assist solution is an AI-powered virtual assistant designed to provide customers with a seamless and personalized digital experience that meets their unique needs while delivering business insights that drive better decision-making.

According to Forbes, "74% of consumers prefer chatbots for getting instant answers, [and] 57% of executives said that conversational bots can deliver large returns on ROI with minimal effort."‚Äč In today's marketplace, customers are bombarded with an unprecedented amount of choice and information when visiting a business's website, overwhelming them and leaving them with decision fatigue. Additionally, businesses must navigate an increasingly crowded marketplace where a growing number of products compete across multiple channels, making it more challenging to capture and retain customers' attention.

Customer Assist enhances the customers’ digital experience by answering inquiries, providing personalized recommendations, and streamlining operations. This solution also helps businesses make informed and accelerated decisions by providing valuable data and analytics on their customers' behavior, resulting in better customer engagement. 


  • 2+ Weeks


  • Pre-Built Features - Rich text responses, Feedback Modules, Multimodal (text, tap, voice) 
  • Data sources - Integrate with your custom knowledgebase
  • AI Features - Question Answering, Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Text Summarization and Sentiment Analysis
  • Actionable Insights - Power BI Report for Bot Analytics and Conversational Intelligence
  • Ready to Deploy - Azure hosted and website integrated

Advantages & Outcomes:

  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Cost and time savings for your employees and customers 
  • Intelligent and intuitive user experience from AI powered capabilities
  • Enhanced decision making and business agility from reporting analytics and insights

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