Improve the value of meetings and re-energize your office space.

A Microsoft Teams app that utilizes Microsoft Graph, Bing Maps, and Yelp Fusion to find workspaces, meeting rooms, and local venues that are convenient for you and your colleagues.

Increase in-person collaboration and optimize office space utilization by providing the tools to discover convenient opportunities to meet in person. 



  • Facilities “Airbnb” – Help your staff understand the physical spaces available for them to converge.
  • Where will I be? / Where will my team be? – Infers where you will be working and allows others coordinate connections.
  • Meet beyond the office – Help your team converge in more convenient, COVID-safe, and fun locations!


  • Converge is built on top of existing M365 investments – Teams, Exchange, SharePoint and Microsoft Graph
  • Node JS, React.js application, .Net Core

Phase 1:

  • Design & Planning

Phase 2:

  • Estimated Duration - 2 Weeks
  • Configuration of where the app is deployed in Azure
  • Set-up secure password storage
  • Configure site monitoring and external APIs
  • DevOps to deploy the code utilizing Azure pipelines
  • Configure SharePoint list to support locations and sync to Active Directory

Phase 3:

  • Optional on-going operations support

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