Organizational Change Maturity Model

As Prosci certified change experts, we know that people are at the core of every change and that the pain points we experience when adopting new things all stem from a lack of focus on the human experience. Because of this, we put people first. Our multifaceted methodology combines the power of research-based organizational modeling and adoption processes like Prosci's ADKAR with our deep knowledge of behavioral science and people strategy. We know how, where, and why people work through change.

Introduction to Maturity Model

Our Change Maturity Model drives you through the key stages in your organization’s journey to embedding effective change management into your culture and across your organization. These six stages of development are broken down into milestones that create a practical set of action steps no matter where you are in your journey. Our team provides roadmaps to guide you through people strategy, initiative adoption, and developing organizational change competency. The roadmap is designed to help you adopt and sustain change while optimizing user experience, proficiency, and engagement.

How We Work


Microsoft Adoption

As gold-level Microsoft partners, we help unlock the potential of Microsoft to optimize utilization and proficiency in the day-to-day experiences of your employees. We create tailored strategies to meet employees where they are today and modernize your digital workspace.

Digital Transformation

When your organization undergoes a major adoption of a new process or enterprise resource management system, it can send waves of impact throughout your business. Our expertise delivers the transformational strategies you need to both adopt and sustain change without disruption.

Employee Experience

We believe employee experience defines an organization’s culture and productivity. Our employee experience offerings focus on engaging users, culture development, talent retention, and workplace optimization.

Workplace Embedded Learning

People have more to learn than ever before to keep up with the pace of modern work. We create accessible learning strategies to maximize on-the-job development for upskilling your workforce.

Future of Work

The landscape of how, when, and where we work is shifting. We look ahead to keep your workforce engaged with the cutting-edge of trends and solve your industry’s emerging challenges.

Organizational Efficiency

We identify tensions, inefficiencies, and gaps in your business’s workflows by analyzing where process meets people. By aligning your people strategy with your procedures, we unlock potential for more widely adopted, consistent, and seamless ways of working.


Organizational Change Maturity Model



Our Change Management Blogs


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