Customer Immersion Experience 

A highly personalized way to discover the right cloud solutions for your business.

Unlike traditional product demos, Valorem’s Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) is a completely immersive and personalized workshop that gives you and your team a chance to get hands-on with a live Office 365 environment. During this guided session participants use leading-edge technology and work together to streamline your highest priority business scenarios.

CIEs include:

  • An interactive hands-on introduction to EMS, Windows 10 and Office 365
  • Guided, real-world simulations customized to your business needs
  • A pre-populated, fully functional Office 365 environment
The CIE is a true-to-life, interactive experience that gives teams unique insight into the potential impact of cloud technologies on the challenges they face every day like work on the go, real-time collaboration and data security. Ask your Valorem representative about funding opportunities.