Azure Optimization Accelerator

A foundational platform of visibility, insight, control and optimization.

Traditional optimization efforts take significant investments of time and money and can often stifle progress of key cloud adoption initiatives. The Cloud Optimization Accelerator offer provides immediate impact through a foundational governance platform across key Azure technologies. By implementing a landing zone based on Microsoft best-practices and tooling analysis, we will accelerate the optimization process while creating a scalable platform ready for continued growth and evolution.

Avg. Duration: 2-8 weeks


  • Documented biz challenge and requirements
  • Preliminary optimization analytics
  • Technical requirements doc
  • Platform architectures doc
  • Configured azure policies, tags and other governance platforms
  • Preliminary automation and scaling
  • Executive insight and analytics


  • Deployed optimized Azure landing zone
  • Foundational understanding of right size ROI
  • Defined next steps
  • Defined list of modernization opportunities
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