Advanced Demand Forecasting Accelerator

Identify Patterns More Accurately and in Less Time

Valorem Reply's Advanced Demand Forecasting Accelerator enables organizations to improve their demand forecasting and creates a strategy to empower you to make more accurate data-driven business decisions.

Many organizations often struggle with accurate long-term planning in the face of competitive challenges and changing markets. By forecasting up to 1 to 2 years ahead, you can gain valuable insights into demand patterns, external factors, and retailer data. This allows you to make informed decisions and plan purchases in advance to ensure all necessary products are available in store, reducing customer wait times and eliminating stale inventory. Proper analysis and accurate predictions of future demand are key to creating a successful and profitable business model.

The Forecasting Engine:

  • Decide on Future Forecast Period​
  • Review Base Demand​
  • Decide on Variable and Trends​
  • Create Models​
  • Adjust Models


  • Accurate and optimized data driven decisions
  • Increased sales, speed to market, ​and customer satisfaction​
  • Higher inventory turnover ​
  • Reduced product spoilage ​and personnel costs

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